We power your products through:



High Voltage Ratings

High Current Ratings

Extremely Close Tolerances

Salient Features

The advantage of using RIC Capacitors are:

Powerful Prformance

Heavy Duty Motor

Double Ball Bearing

Powder Coated Finishing

Anti Rush Body

Quality Stamping

Low energy consumption

Low dissipation factor

Self Healing Property

Ability to withstand Voltage Surges

Low capacitance drift

Use of Heavy Edge Film

Conforming to IS Standards
IS 1709 1984 (for fans)
IS 2993 1975 (for motors)

Aluminium casing or polypropylene casing

With Terminal Tags or PVC wires

Non-toxic ecofriendly impregnant

Capacitor ranges from 1 MFD to 216 MFD

Tolerance - + 5%

Rated Voltage & frequency 440VAC, 50HZ

Temperature Range - -100C to +850C

Motor start capacitors ranges from 40 60 mfd to 200 250 mfd

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